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Associate in Biblical Theology

The Associate of Biblical Theology Program (ABT) provides an introduction to the field of Biblical Theology for the beginner Bible college student. The program is 60 semester credit hours in length, and provides a sound biblical foundation of study that explores biblical theological themes that help to prepare the student for sound biblical ministry.   This program will provide for the learner, biblical soundness and a clear understanding of biblical doctrine.

Each learner will be assigned an advisor to help him/her throughout this program.

  • A total of 60 semester hours are required, with a minimum of thirty semester hours from KBU.
  • A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. (Each course is worth 3 semester credit hours).
  • Cost – $5100 (Books not included)
  • Textbooks as required.

Build a broader foundation for your ministry!

Program Courses

Course Title Course Descriptions Semester Hours
Life Management God’s Way This course deals with how to make proper decisions, the management of the soul, spirit, finances, and time. It also teaches how to set realistic biblical goals, develop a genuine Biblical vision, and manage one’s body. 3
Bible Doctrines 1 This course is an introduction to all basic biblical doctrines. It will give an overview and discuss the rudimentary doctrines of different denominations and it lays the foundation for the student who wishes to study extensive Bible Theology. These doctrines include: The Bible, Repentance, and Benefits of the Cross, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Praise and Worship. 3
Old Testament Survey I This is a survey of the Old Testament from Genesis through the Book of 2 Samuel. It gives information on each book with a limited overall view. This course is excellent for the new Bible student that is unfamiliar with the Old Testament. 3
Old Testament Survey II This is a survey of the Old Testament from 1 Kings through the Book of Malachi. It gives information on each book with a limited overall view. This course, being a continuation of Old Testament Survey I, will complete the overview of all of the Old Testament books. 3
New Testament Survey This course gives a survey of the New Testament from the years between the testaments through the Book of Revelation. It gives an overview of each of the New Testament books highlighting the main topics of each book. 3
Between the Testaments A study of the background for the New Testament’s political and cultural settings, defining how they impacted the New Testament peoples. 3
Prayer A study on the types and necessity of prayer including the source, purpose, and power of prayer 3
Introduction to Bible Theology I This course is an introduction to Biblical Theology and Bible Doctrine. It will give insight on the derivation, development, and design of the Holy Scriptures. It also includes an explanation of the Law, the 3
Praise Life This course is a comprehensive study of the value of praise with examples given throughout the Bible. It also provides insight into the importance of praise that is necessary to build a closer relationship with God. Topics included are: the Lifestyle of Praise, the Summary of Praise, and Why Should I Worship 3
Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit An investigation of the Fruit of the Spirit and their impact upon the believer. 3
                      Second Year  
Old Testament Studies I (The Pentateuch) A study of the first five books of the Bible, looking at the origin of the earth, the development of humanity, and the nation of Israel. 3
New Testament Studies I (The Gospels) A study of the four gospels, paying special attention to the style and approach of each writer. 3
General Epistles This course is a basic study of the General Epistles, which includes James; 1 and 2 Peter; 1-3 John; and Jude. Each book gives a somewhat detailed account of the writer and his intent for writing the book. Each chapter begins with an overview of the book in the form of a survey and then outlines and highlights the progression and order of each book. Finally, the main thrust of each book is discussed. 3
Systematic Theology 1 This course is structured to facilitate a broad overview of the main theological themes of the Bible as it pertains to understanding God and the spiritual world. Topics covered will include understanding doctrine, spiritual warfare, heaven and hell, the doctrine of angels and last things. This course also seeks to systematically examine the deity, continual work, and gifts of the Holy Spirit. 3
Systematic Theology 2 This course is structured to facilitate a broad overview of the main theological themes of the Bible, specifically the Church and the Kingdom of God. This course is also designed o equip the student with the ability to answer, utilizing a thorough understanding of the tenets of the doctrine of salvation, age-old questions about how one is saved, when one is saved, and whether one is always saved. 3
Introducing the Kingdom This course is designed to familiarize the learner with a basic ethos and practices of Kingdom citizens. This course aims to assist the student in what it means to practically live as a Kingdom citizen and seek first the Kingdom of God. 3
God’s Authority in the Believer This course looks into the authority of God that has been delegated to the believer. Before we can fully understand the authority that a believer has, we must realize the need to submit to authority first. 3
Spiritual Warfare I This course gives an overall introduction to the need and art of spiritual warfare. It defines occult words and explains how to identify strongholds and demonic spirits. It gives invaluable information on how to take control of your own life and use the Word of God to tear down the strongholds in the lives of others. 3
Preparation for Ministry I This course gives comprehensive details on the spirit, function, and service of the armorbearer as seen by the biblical perspective of the Old and New Testaments. It also entails the attitudes necessary for true Christian service. Those attitudes include: the Mind of Christ, Singleness of Heart, Functions of the Servant, and Becoming Principled People. 3
The Holy Spirit A biblical examination of the Person, Works, Gifts, and Ministry of the Holy Spirit. 3

Build a broader foundation for your ministry!