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Featured Program

Masters in Kingdom Theology

This Masters Degree in Kingdom Theology is our featured and uniquely offered degree in Kingdom degree program. This program is based upon the original Kingdom message in its Jewish context. There is not another program in existence that provides this level of expertise and knowledge of the original message of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. This Masters Degree was developed by one of the most renowned scholars concerning the Kingdom of God, Dr. Dana Carson. Dr. Carson has written over 170 books in the area of the Kingdom of God. This discipline is what KBU is highly recognized for and prepares its students to become highly engaged in 21st century Kingdom ministry.

Each learner will be assigned an advisor to help him/her throughout this program.

  • A total of 60 semester hours are required, with a minimum of thirty semester hours from KBU.
  • A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. (Each course is worth 3 semester credit hours).
  • Approximate Cost: $5700 (Books not included)
  • Textbooks as required.

Develop a greater understanding of the word of God!

Programs Courses

Course Title Course Description Semester Hours
Understanding the Kingdom This course teaches the culture of the Kingdom of God. Students will be introduced to the Seven Drivers of the Kingdom – the underlying beliefs and values that must be embraced by all Kingdom citizens. This course will explain each cultural value in detail for practical and daily Kingdom living. 3
The Kingdom and The Church This course contrasts the culture of the church (preaching, traditions, and next level living) and the culture of the Kingdom, as Jesus explained and taught it. The student will learn the differences between the Kingdom and the church to optimize how to operate in the Kingdom of God. Students will also learn how to live life as a Kingdom citizen in the church. 3
Kingdom Fundamentals This course will discuss Jesus’ truth of the Kingdom of God in its full relevance. The student will learn the structural and governmental realities that Jesus expected to take root within His citizens, but instead produced the church! This course will challenge all the traditional aspects of church that students have learned in their secular and Christian life! 3
Doctrine of the Kingdom The Doctrine of the Kingdom course provides an in-depth teaching on the foundational principles found in Hebrews 6:1-2. Students will gain a sound understanding of these basic doctrines laying a solid foundation upon which the believer can build their spiritual lives. 3
The Kingdom Dynamics and Parables This course presents a concise and in-depth understanding of the parables of Jesus used to teach the disciples about the Kingdom of God. Students will receive a crucial understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God as presented in parabolic form and their analogous spiritual counterparts that impact and influence their lives daily. 3
The Kingdom and the Supernatural This course teaches us how to live a Spirit-filled and focused life that manifests the supernatural. Students will learn how to walk in the Spirit, being led by the Spirit, and being filled with the Spirit. 3
The Jewishness of Jesus This course looks at the life and times surrounding Jesus, the Messiah and how He lived out the Old Testament. This study also looks at the biblical feasts and gives an allegorical view of Messiah. 3
Bible Prophecy This course explores and studies the fundamentals of biblical prophecy and its interpretation. 3
Between the Testaments (Graduate) This course is a study of events and writings, including the cultural and political settings from the Intertestamental Period to the time of Christ. 3
Building Strong Leaders This course studies practical issues in ministry, counseling in ministry, financial management, and the dynamics of Christian ministry. 3
Second Year
Kingdom Worship The Kingdom of God centers upon the worship of Christ the King. The Bible states in John 4:23-24, God is “seeking sincere worshippers that will worship in spirit and in truth." The Kingdom Worship course teaches the heart of worship in the Kingdom. This course defines the place worship holds in the life of a Kingdom citizen 3
Kingdom Warfare This course discusses the reality of spiritual warfare that exists in the unseen, supernatural dimension. Students will learn where the believer’s battles take place as well as what we, as believers, strive and struggle against. This course will teach students the weapons of warfare they possess as believers in Christ. 3
Kingdom Government This course will introduce the student to the order of the Kingdom of God and the church. The student will learn the mission of the church as the embassy of the Kingdom of God. Students will also learn the preeminence of constitution of the Kingdom of God (Bible), the benefits of honoring Christ the King, and how to live in His Kingdom 3
Kingdom Vision This course will enhance the student’s understanding of biblical vision vs. secular vision and provide insights concerning the Great Commission and the preaching of this gospel of the Kingdom around the world as a witness. 3
Kingdom Ethics and Values This course addresses the ethics and values that are associated with living in the Kingdom while living with vision.  Taking a comprehensive look at some of the most basic and fundamental principles of the Kingdom as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ, this course will assist you in understanding the principles that are necessary to have what the book of Joshua refers to as “good success.” 3
Kingdom Eschatology This course discusses God’s sovereign will and plan for humanity according to the scriptures. The Kingdom Eschatology course will teach you about the signs of the end times and what will happen to the Christian church during this time. The student will also learn how to maintain their walk with God during the perilous end times. 3
Messiah and the Feasts of the Lord This course is an in-depth study of the feasts and their foreshadowing of the coming of the Messiah. 3
Christian Apologetics This course explores the major arguments for Christian teachings that are challenged by today’s unbelievers. 3
The Tabernacle of Moses This course gives a detailed look at the Tabernacle in the wilderness and its furnishings, along with a study of the clothing the High Priest. 3
Thesis  TBD 3

Develop a greater understanding of the word of God!