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Degree Programs

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Certificate in Urban Ministry

Certificate in Ministry

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Certificate of Christian Counseling

Certificate of Financial Management

Certificate of Christian Leadership

Certificate of African American Studies

Certificate of Evangelism and Missions

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Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS)

Associate of Ministry (A.Min.)

Associate of Bible Theology (A.BTh.)

Associate of Kingdom Theology (A.KTh.)

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Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.BS.)

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.)

Bachelor of Bible Theology (B.BTh.)

Bachelor of Pastoral Studies (B.PS.)

Bachelor of Christian Education (B.CE.)

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Master of Biblical Studies (M.BS.)

Master of Biblical Counseling (M.BC.)

Master of Pastoral Studies (M.PS.)

Master in Kingdom Theology (M.KT.)

Master in Kingdom Education (M.KE.)

Master in Religious Education (M.RE.)

Master in Ministry (M.Min.)

Master in Christian Counseling (M.CC.)

Master in Missiology (M.M.)

Master in Theology (M.Th.)

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Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

Doctor of Biblical Studies (D.BS.)

Doctor of Theology (D.Th.)

Doctor of Five-Fold Ministry (D.FM.)

Doctor of Kingdom Theology (D.KTh)

Doctor of Clinical Pastoral Counseling (D.CPC.)

Doctor of Christian Counselor (D.CC.)

Doctor of African American Church Growth Studies (D.ACG.)

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