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[pbr_title_heading title=”How to Enroll” style=”v1″]

Degree and Certificate applicants are responsible for submitting:

  1. The online application.
  2. The $100 Application Fee (non-refundable).


Applicants will be notified of the decision by email. Upon the Registrar’s receipt of the above documentation, students will be officially enrolled in Kingdom Bible College & Seminary program of their choice.


Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is on a rolling bi-monthly enrollment process. That means that a new student may apply and start classes in January, March, May, July, September, and November.


Applications and deposits will be held for one full year from the date submitted. Should a student feel the need to delay his/her start, no additional fees will be charged as long as the time frame does not exceed one year.

[pbr_title_heading title=”Tuition and Fees” style=”v1″]
Application fee $100.00
Tuition- Associate $65 per credit hour
Tuition- Bachelor $75 per credit hour
Awarded Credit $25 per credit hour
Tuition- Masters $90 per credit hour
Tuition- Doctorate $100 per credit hour
Graduation Fees TBD
Course Study Guide $20.00
Testing Fee $100.00 (As necessary)
Life Learning Experience Portfolio (LLEP) $100 per course
Thesis Fee $400
Dissertation Fee $600
[pbr_title_heading title=”Additional Information” style=”v1″]

Students will be required to procure their own textbooks and materials required for each course of their assigned seminary school curriculum, which will require outside reading and research. Books will be available from the KBC&S Online Bookstore.

Will subsequently be billed for actual shipping and handling expenses. Some programs may be discouraged for students in foreign countries because of new international shipping regulations and the attached high costs. Kingdom Bible College & Seminary strives to make our Christian college affordable as possible.


Withdrawal – All withdrawal notices must be made in writing and sent as postal letter, faxed letter or within the body of an email. The withdrawal date is confirmed upon receipt by the Seminary. Send withdrawal notices to: Kingdom Bible College & Seminary, 7401 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77017; by email to (insert email). To telephone, call (281)824-4190 ext. 6895

Discontinuance of lesson submissions or failure to make tuition payments does not constitute a statement of withdrawal from our online university.  Students who are experiencing study or financial difficulties should first seek consultation before making a final decision. A student’s financial obligations to the Seminary will continue until receipt of an official request for withdrawal.

Refund of the Enrollment Fee – The $100 Enrollment Fee covers the cost of assessing the application, interactions with the prospective student, and the presentation of an official program enrollment offer, and as such is not refundable.

Refund of Tuition payments – Because the student is a consumer of educational services that the institution is continuously providing, the student’s tuition payments fund these services daily until such a time as the student either pays his or her tuition in full, or officially withdraws according to the withdrawal policy.  The institution is dedicated to providing ongoing service during the period of the student’s enrollment.

These services include (but are not necessarily limited to) academic advising, program-level course study guides, personal online program guide, qualified faculty support, bookstore services, dedicated telephone and email communication services, administrative services, program consultation, grade and transcript record keeping, secure data warehousing, secure international banking services for the payment of tuition and fees, official Web site services, regular information messages, and opportunities for external experiences and services.   It is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of these services, and work toward the online program completion. Therefore, there is no tuition refund.