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Welcome to the Kingdom Bible University’s certification program! Through our certification programs we are preparing and empowering men and women for more effective execution of their ministry call. Kingdom Bible University (KBU) offers certification programs with specialized courses for ministry training and empowerment. These programs consist of a cluster of courses that can be completed within six months to a year.

KBU now offers online programs leading to a seminary certificate. Each program requires students to complete a specific number of courses and semester hours. These curricula offer students who are not interested in pursuing a degree program, the option of achieving a college level credential in a specialty area. Programs are offered at the undergraduate level. Our programs allow for the transfer of credits into a degree curriculum at a later time, thus providing the option to graduate with the seminary certificate and enrolling later into a full degree program. There is open enrollment and students may start their online seminary school program at any time. There are no travel requirements associated with KBU certificate programs. KBU operates based upon an open enrollment system which allows students to begin their programs at any time.

Program Features

  • Self-paced learning
  • Quality distance education
  • World-wide access to learning
  • Open enrollment system
  • Professional faculty oversight
  • Comprehensive student advisement and academic mentoring
  • 24 month program completion timeframe
  • Certification programs amount to between 15-18 semester hours/credits
  • Certification credits can be applied toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree

Program Costs

  • Application fee: $100
  • Program tuition: $1,350.00
  • Certificate fee: $100
  • Approximate cost: $1,550.00

Certificate of Kingdom Theology

The certificate in Kingdom Theology focuses on the basics of the Kingdom, understanding the King, the significance of the church and the Kingdom, and how to apply the Kingdom to the every day life of the Kingdom citizen.

LEVEL 1 – Certificate in Kingdom Fundamentals

From the Church to the Kingdom

This course is designed for the learner to identify the root causes of the contemporary Church’s failures and raises some monumental challenges to believers. Students will learn how many of the traditions of the church have caused people to put their faith in unfounded teachings. Students will walk away with biblical tools that will empower them to resist the devil and experience high levels of Kingdom satisfaction and effectiveness.

Welcome to the Kingdom

This course provides the fundamental understanding of the Kingdom of God and what it means to be a Kingdom citizen. The course examines the Parable of the Sower through four characters: the sower, the seed, the soils, and Satan. This course provides the foundational platform that is necessary for understanding the Jewish teachings of Christ and His message, “The Kingdom of God.”

One True King

The course One True King, examines the failures of the 21st century church and her abandonment from sound biblical teachings that present God as King. This book examines the tenants of spiritual revival and provides prophetic insights concerning the future role of the church in restoring a Kingdom focus back to the church of Jesus Christ.

And This Gospel of the Kingdom

This course revisits the traditional view of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The learner will examine the dispensations of time through the Holy Scriptures – Christ came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, not His death, burial, and resurrection. In this course, the student will learn how the gospel has been misinterpreted and discover the authentic gospel of the Kingdom.

The Cross and the Crown

This course is designed for the learner to rethink his/her interpretation of scripture based upon a Kingdom perspective that highlights the crown of Christ and not merely the cross of Christ! Students will understand the crown and the cross from the Old & New Testament, looking at the cross of Christ through the lens of the crown of Christ.

The Kingdom Reformation

This course is designed to provide the learner a strong foundation for understanding the doctrinal transitions of the church. Kingdom Reformation discusses the gospel of the Kingdom against the backgrounds of Romanization, colonization, and westernization. We will also examine the effects this period has had on the churches understanding of the gospel of Jesus the Jewish Messiah. This course will empower the learner to understand, teach and preach the gospel of the Kingdom in the 21st century.

LEVEL 2 – Certificate in Kingdom Empowerment

The Kingdom, The Culture, and You

This course will facilitate discussions related to 21st century socio-economic issues and the place of politics in the Kingdom of God. This course addresses topics and their relation to the Kingdom such as the supernatural, Jewish family, and politics.  The aim of this course is to assist you in understanding the 1st century context of the ministry of Christ and how some of the controversial issues of our time were interpreted and viewed in His Kingdom context.

Kingdom Change and Transformation

This course explores the biblical and clinical evidence of personal change. It will teach how change is achieved and discusses how to employ change initiatives.

Kingdom Man and Kingdom Woman

This course explores the biblical roles of men and women. It will examine the genders in the Kingdom and the biblical mandate men and women are called to fulfill.

Kingdom Marriage

This course is a study of sound biblical and relational skill sets necessary for building the foundation for a Kingdom-focused marriage.

Raising Kingdom Kids

This course is designed for the learner to rethink his/her interpretation of scripture based upon a Kingdom perspective that highlights the crown of Christ and not merely the cross of Christ! Students will understand the crown and the cross from the Old and New Testaments, looking at the cross of Christ through the lens of the crown of Christ.

How to Understand Yourself and Others

In this course you will learn how to manage relationships effectively. From the fall of Adam in the garden, human relationships have been distorted. We will explore the four temperament types and their tendencies in personal relationships.

GPS (Growing Prosperity Systematically) Certificate

GPS1: Understanding The GPS Money Mind

This course teaches the importance of wealth building through asset accumulation. It is designed to help the student discover their current financial position and also how to get to their ideal financial position or where they desire to be financially in the future.
GPS Vol 1 textbook

GPS2: Kingdom Economics

Kingdom Economics empowers you with the basic tools of both micro- and macro-economics in order to provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand the basics of investments and entrepreneurship.
GPS Vol 2 textbook

GPS3: The Power of Investing

The Power of Investing teaches you how to understand the basics of investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, derivatives, and more. This knowledge will assist you in providing a more prosperous financial future for you and your family.
GPS Vol 3 textbook

GPS4: Understanding Your Financial Report Card

Understanding your Financial Report Card is designed to help you understand your financial status by reading financial statements, bank statements, balance sheets, statement of income, and cash flow statements, etc. This skill will safeguard you against getting cheated out of your money!
GPS Vol 4 textbook

Introducing the Kingdom Certificate

The Kingdom of God is one of the most misunderstood topics in Christendom today, and the Bible commands us to seek the Kingdom of God first. The challenge then is that we cannot seek what we do not understand. This certificate is designed to familiarize the learner with a basic ethos and practices of Kingdom citizens. This certificate aims to assist the student in what it means to practically live as a Kingdom citizen and seek first the Kingdom of God.

Certification Courses Include:

  • One True King
  • Kingdom Reformation
  • From the Church to the Kingdom
  • Introducing the Kingdom
  • Welcome to the Kingdom

Practical Ministry Certificate

The Practical Ministry certification is designed to provide you with skills that will prepare you for the areas of practical ministry such as: Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Fellowship ministries (men, women, couples, singles, etc.), and more.

Certification Courses Include:

  •  21st Century Children’s Ministry
  • 21st Century Youth Ministry
  • Developing Fellowship Ministries
  • Puppet Ministry
  • Sports Ministry

Business Certificate

One of the reasons for the failure of most churches is not simply their lack of theological training but the lack of business skills. The Business Certification will provide training in areas such as real estate purchasing and managing, administration and operations, ministry financing and fundraising, digital marketing, church staffing and administration, and more.

Certification Courses Include:

  • Business 101
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Staffing, Payroll, and Administration
  • Real Estate Purchasing (Developed)
  • Marketing Basics

Stewardship and Fundraising Certificate

Capital stewardship campaigns are necessary for any church to sustain and grow. This certification is designed to teach you the basics of effective stewardship campaigns and strategies for raising funds through an annual stewardship campaign.

Certification Courses Include:

  • Ministry Sustainability
  • Leading a Capital Stewardship Campaign
  • Raising Funds among Minorities
  • The Bible and Fundraising
  • Tithes and Offerings in the 21st Century

Personal Finances and Ministry Certificate

One of the greatest stresses for church leader is managing their personal finances and the finances of ministry. This certificate is designed to help you more effectively manage both your finances and the finances of ministry. You will learn key financial practices and resources that will assist you in not only managing but increasing your financial well-being in life and ministry.

Certification Courses Include:

  • The Place of Money and Ministry
  • Finance 101: How Money Works
  • Finance 201: Money, Economics and Ministry
  • Finance 301: Ministry, Money and Investing
  • Finance 401: Financial Reports and Ministry

Technology in Ministry

The Technology Ministry certification is designed to provide you with both hardware and software technology for ministry training. This certification will introduce you to ministry software that will streamline your ministry and make it more efficient through the utilization of the best in ministry software.

Certification Courses Include:

  • Ministry and Software
  • Developing a Technology Team
  • Ministry and the Internet
  • 21st Century Technology in Worship
  • Hardware and Ministry

Digital Ministry

The Digital Ministry certification will teach you how to implement digital technology in your ministry approach and practices and includes database management, social media platforms, and exposure to media ministry opportunities and design.

Certification Courses Include:

  • Ministry and Social Media Platforms
  • Ministry in Cyberspace: Mechanics, Methodologies, and Management
  • Building a Cyber-Team Ministry
  • Fund Generation and Cyber-Ministry
  • Design and Development of an Online Church Ministry

Jumpstart Your Journey!

Certificate programs are a great way to start your journey towards your next level in ministry!
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