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KBU Payment Policies

KBU is offering special inaugural year tuition pricing for students who enroll within the first year of the program. These prices impact the Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Dual Degree (Bridge) Programs. These new prices provide substantial saving for the student who take advantage of enrolling in one of our associate and degree programs.

Payments Plan Options

Kingdom Bible University requires that all fees and tuition be paid in full at the time of enrollment. If Tuition is paid in full a 15% discount will be given. However, if a payment plan is needed, one of the following may be requested. The student will be liable for the full tuition once they enter the payment plan. The cost of course materials is not included in the cost of tuition.

All payment plans require a 250.00 deposit and will be automatically withdrawn from the student’s bank account or credit card. After the initial deposit is received payments will begin auto-drafting the following month. Student will have access to one course at a time. If the student would like to take more than one course will on payment plan, the will need to make an extra payment of 250.00 on their payment plan.

Failure to make monthly payments for two (2) consecutive months will be grounds for expulsion from the Degree Program the student is enrolled in. If the student is expelled for financial reasons, he/she may appeal and seek reinstatement. However, the student, once expelled for financial reasons, will be required to pay the outstanding balance in full, including late fees and reinstatement fees. Please contact us if you are having financial difficulties.

Pay per Course Option:

Associates and Bachelors level courses may be paid on a per course basis at a rate of $299.99 per course. During the period of paying per course, the student is not in an official degree program. If the students chooses to enter an Associates or Bachelors’ program the courses will be credited to the students tuition, however the student will responsible for paying the remaining tuition in full or entering into a payment plan.

Bridge Program Course Credit

For former KBC&S students who have already completed courses in the bridge program, $103.00 per course credit will be awarded for each course taken. For example, if the student has completed 10 bridge courses, they will receive $1,030 credit towards their Bridge Program tuition.

Spousal Discount Plan

The Spousal Discount Plan is set up for only husbands and wives who wish to study during the same timeframe. Kingdom Bible University will charge the regular fee to the spouse that is in the higher-level degree program. The spouse in the lower or same level of study may receive a 20% discount on tuition only. It does not apply to fees such as the Application, Graduation, and Portfolio Learning Assessment fees. Nor does this plan apply Certification Programs.


  • If a paying spouse withdraws from the school, the tuition discounted spouse must also withdraw or convert to a paid program.
  • The cost of tuition that is applicable to the degree program, in which you want to join, should be sent along with your application or at the same time. Your application will be processed, and the Admission Letter will be sent only after the receipt of your Tuition in full or based upon your monthly payment arrangements.

Refund Policy

A student may withdraw from a degree program at any time. However, Kingdom Bible University requests that the intent be confirmed in writing. KBU has a No Refund Policy. All payments are non-refundable upon enrollment in one of our certificate and or degree programs. All academic program requirements and financial obligations must be met before any certificate, diploma, or degree will be awarded.

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