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Frequently Asked Questions

Seminary School Admissions FAQ

How do I start the matriculation process?

First, you fill out an application. You will need to pay your application fee of $100 at the time of submittal. This can be submitted from our website as well. Once the application and fee have been received, the Board will review your application. If accepted to KBU, you will receive an email with acceptance information regarding your online seminary school program and the name of your mentor. Your mentor will be contacting you via email within days of your acceptance.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

No. At this time, KBU does not offer student loans or scholarships. We prefer to have students pay by the course. Our tuition is low enough that you should be able to graduate debt-free. However, we do offer a monthly payment plan with our eCashier program. Please go to our Payments tab on the website and click on the Installment link to view our brochure on this exciting program.

Is KBU recognized as being accredited by the U.S. Department of Education?

No. There are about 40 accrediting organizations that are recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education. The requirements for joining one of these are many and varied. The biggest of these are capital, real estate, library and income sources. These are very difficult for smaller and midrange Bible colleges and seminaries to meet. Many Bible colleges and seminaries cannot meet or choose not to meet these requirements. In our case, our objective is to make available Christian education affordable and accessible. In the future, however, the KBU does intend to pursue accreditation. If you are looking for a solid Kingdom education from a credible school and need to do so without travel and expense, then Kingdom Bible University is the place for you.

How much will it cost to attend KBU?

That will depend on the program you are interested in. To get an overall view of the program costs, please click on the Degree Programs link.

Do I need to have a Bible background to attend KBU?

No. However we request that you attend a church in your community.

Can KBU assist me in acquiring ministerial credentials?

Yes. Through our Kingdom Leaders Ordination and Licensure Program. we can assist you with your licensing, commissioning or ordination.

I am a bit apprehensive about going back to school at my age. Can I do it?

Sure you can! Obviously God has planted this seed within you. You will be assigned a mentor to help you along the way. The course work can be taken in bites and we have the necessary online resources to assist you in your studies. Everyone is a bit anxious when they start. YOU CAN DO IT!

Can I get credit for life experience?

Yes, but only at the undergraduate level. You can download our Life Learning and Experience Portfolio (LLEP) from our website for $200. KBU will analyze your documentation and give you credit as appropriate. Just getting several credits will offset this cost.

How do I get “official” transcripts sent to KBU?

You must request your transcripts from the registrar’s office of each school you have attended. In order for a transcript to be an official copy, it must come in a sealed envelope directly from the school. There is usually a slight charge for this service. Please have the transcripts sent to: Kingdom Bible University 7401 Gulf Freeway, Houston TX, 77017

Does KBU accept transfer credit?

Yes. Credits will be viewed on a course-by-course basis to ensure that each course compares to the depth of the courses offered through KBU.

Does KBU have any expectations of their students?

Yes. We expect students to methodically and purposefully proceed with their studies until they graduate. We expect that students would live a godly life that brings honor to themselves, the Lord, and KBU. WE expect that student would support KBU with their prayers and with their giving. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Christian Degree Programs FAQ

How long does it take to complete a course?

The average student generally completes any of our online Kingdom college courses in 8 weeks. Program hours are calculated based on the program. For example, to obtain an A.A. Degree, students have to acquire 60 hours, B.A. is 120 hours (associate plus an additional 60 hours), M.A. is 60 hours, and D.D. is 36 hours. Certificate programs are 18 hours.

What kind of programs do you offer?

We offer Certifications, Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs.

I intend to enroll in a program with KBU materials. What can I expect?

The Ministry, Biblical Studies, and some of the Christian counseling programs use our own material. A study guide and course requirements will be sent to you by your mentor via email attachment. You will be required to take midterm and final exams (non-proctored) and send them to your mentor for grading. You will also need to do a certain amount of outside reading and paper writing which will be assessed by your Teaching assistant as well. You may mail or email these to your TA.

Contact us today to get started on your online Christian college degree.

I’m currently enrolled in the Kingdom School of Ministry (KSM) – what do I do now?

KSM will be phased out by September 2017. All earned credits will be assessed to determine which degree program at the associate level the student desires to be placed in.

I graduated from KSM with FBT certificate. Will my classes transfer?

Students who graduated from KSM with a FBT certification are eligible to enroll in the KBU Master Bridge Program.

Distance Learning

Why is distance learning so popular?

Distance learning is popular for many reasons. It is cost effective. Many large companies such as IBM, train employees in this manner to save transportation and scheduling costs. It allows the student to manage his or her own time, since most adult students are working a full time job and raising a family. Industry analysts determined that 1.8 million students were enrolled in online studies in 2007.

Are distance learning programs as good as traditional, on-campus programs?

Studies have shown that distance learning is just as effective as on-campus study. The wear and tear of student travel time can be avoided while studying at our seminary school from home.

Will employers recognize degrees from distance learning seminaries or universities?

Unlike some schools, Kingdom Bible University is not a diploma mill. Although we make no claims about employment, and readily acknowledge that degrees earned are for Christian service in the work of the Lord, we have many students who are being reimbursed by their church or religious place of employment.

Are there any on-campus requirements?

No. Our campus is virtual. All courses can be done at home, at your own pace, and on your own schedule. There is no need as well to make any trips to participate in course “intensives” training like many other distance learning Bible colleges or seminaries.

I live outside of the United States. Can I still become a student?

Yes. KBU is also a distance learning seminary. Being a strictly online student allows you to study from the comfort of your own home. This makes it easy to become a student at the Kingdom Bible University from anywhere in the world. We also offer some courses as correspondence, so we will mail your materials to you.

Do I need to take the TOEFL in order to enroll in the seminary?

No. The TOEFL is not a requirement for becoming a student in the KBU.

Will I have difficulty paying tuition costs since I live outside the United States?

In general, you should not. Most students use PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, or bank wire to make payments.

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