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The Undergraduate Program of the Kingdom Theological Seminary

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Gain a basic understanding of various areas of ministry and finances through our certificate programs.

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Build a broader foundation for your ministry through courses on the Bible, Theology, Ministry Studies and more!

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Prepare for effective 21st century Kingdom ministry through our various Bachelor’s degree programs.

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Develop a greater understanding of the word of God while becoming more effective in your ministry and communication of God’s word through our Master’s degree programs.

Lead an Impactful Ministry


Effectively lead and develop impactful ministries through our Doctoral degree programs.

Your Kingdom Education - Anytime, Anywhere

What do you do when you know God has called you to prepare for significant ministry but you don’t have $150,000 to spend nor time to travel to get a seminary level education? KBU has the answer! KBU offers you an AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE, and ACCURATE Kingdom-based, seminary level education you won’t get anywhere else!

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Adult online and distance education

Featured Degree Programs

Associate in Kingdom Theology
The Associate of Kingdom Theology Program (AKT) provides an introduction to the field of Kingdom Theology for the beginner Bible college student.
Bachelor of Kingdom Theology
The Bachelor of Kingdom Theology Program (B.KT) is designed to resume the basics of Kingdom Theology for the continuing student.

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